Inspiring and adventurous travel books

Inspiring and adventurous travel books

Sometimes we need the right spark to ignite us. Sometimes we need a helping hand to make up our mind to go and explore the world. Many stories and stories are born every day to show us the world in various aspects. These stories have become books with stories, adventures, and experiences. Many of these stories inspire us and awaken in us the desire to travel, our wandering spirit. Travel books have become road maps, unique guides, real treasures encouraging us to explore.

These travel books become the companions of travelers eager to discover the world. On the occasion of the book festival, we would like to share with you some of the travel books that may inspire you and make you want to live the adventure of a lifetime. On the way to read and discover? The world is waiting for you.

Inspiring and adventurous travel books

How to prepare for a great trip – Pablo Strubell e Itziar Marcotegui

Questions, doubts, questions. It is certain that before a big trip you will be plagued by uncertainties and doubts that you would like to clear up. This book could help you remove all those doubts. Which route to choose? What type of backpack? How much am I going to spend? This travel diary answers many of your questions: are you ready for adventure?

Sauvage (Wild) —Cheryl Strayed

An introspective journey. Author Cheryl Strayed tells us in this very moving book how to face our own fears and worries after a 1,800-kilometer journey, alone and on foot, through the Pacific Mountains in the United States.

From Alaska to Patagonia in the footsteps of the elephant – Rafa Ocón and Noé Escalera

A couple leaves Spain for the trip of their dreams. They travel across America from north to south through 16 countries. They tell you their story, how they made their dream come true, and the experiences they lived during a unique and spectacular trip.

The end is my beginning – Tiziano Terzani

In this book, the writer tells his son many of his adventures, the Cold War, his years in China, the Vietnam War, and his years in the Himalayas.

Diary of a nomad – Miquel Silvestre

The traveler and writer Miquel Silvestre recount his journey behind the wheel of his motorbike to discover the corners of South America, in a travel diary which is part of the documentary series of the same name.

The Naked Tourist – Lawrence Osborne

Tourism has ended up invading magical places to reach a critical point. Are there still natural, authentic, and unspoiled travel destinations? A thought-provoking travel book. With a little humor and a lot of lessons to behave as responsible travelers.

Invisible Cities – Italo Calvino

Although it is not a travel book in itself, as it is fiction, this book is likely to move you. In this fictional travel book, stories are told about the cities visited by Marco Polo. With lots of subtleties in the stories, this book could appeal to any travel enthusiast.

The city of wild gods – Isabel Allende

In this other novel, Isabel Allende fills our thirst for adventure with her magical realism. A trip to the Amazon tells stories with jaguars and eagles. It is only by visiting the lungs of the world that you will be able to understand the magic of the letters of this travel journal.

Don’t tell my mother I went to Mongolia on a motorcycle – Ricardo Fité

A book for lovers of two wheels. On his old motorbike, he travels 10,000 kilometers from Barcelona to Mongolia. A story of adventure full of unforeseen events. Thanks to this book, you will learn not to admit defeat in the event of difficulty on the way. Only true adventurers will understand the problems you learn to overcome along the way.

Eat, pray, love – Élisabeth Gilbert

While it may displease many, it is a book that might inspire you to travel. Or at least to know the places mentioned. Italy, India, Bali. Besides being very easy to read, it might help you make up your mind.

A storytelling journey – Salva Rodríguez

A traveler at heart presents a collection in four volumes. Four books devoted to his bicycle journeys through Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. Much to learn from spontaneous adventures. Years of life that can change your life.

Ready to read and take the journey?

The adventure of your life may be closer than you think. Perhaps one of these books could motivate you to take a trip. The adventure of your life has only just begun, you may be the next columnist to inspire new travelers to travel the world. Do you know of any other books that made you want to travel? What books would you add to this list? Have a good trip and a happy book feast!