The best places to travel without knowing how to speak English

The best places to travel without knowing how to speak English

Not knowing how to speak English can sometimes be frustrating. But when you want to travel to some places where it would be very difficult to communicate if you can’t speak English. But, is it really necessary to know how to speak English to travel? We will try to answer your questions in this article and, you will know which are the best places to travel without knowing how to speak English.

Your concern about traveling to a place where your language is not spoken and where you have to speak in English is understandable. Especially because when we travel, communication is essential. Not being able to say what you want or need generates powerlessness. But, nothing is lost. In this article, in addition to revealing several places to travel without knowing how to speak English, we will give you tips for when you travel to a place where your language is not spoken.

Where to travel without knowing how to speak English

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, preceded only by Mandarin and English. So there are many places to travel without knowing how to speak English. Why not explore some of the havens you can visit?

Mexico and Central America

Colonial essence, pre-Hispanic cultures, towns, ruins. The archaeological wealth of Mexico and Central America is impressive. There is no doubt that you cannot miss the treasures that you will find in Mesoamerica, besides having at your feet the architectural and cultural vestiges of the Mayan heritage. You can find them in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

But Central America has more to offer you. Dreamlike landscapes, virgin jungles, hidden beaches, and cities with luxurious skyscrapers. In Costa Rica and Panama, you can spend unique vacations. Places where you will travel in peace. The language will no longer be an obstacle.

Cuba and the magic of the Caribbean

Are you wondering where to travel without knowing how to speak English? This is because you don’t need it to discover magical places. Go to Cuba for a vacation in the sun, on the beach, in the crystal clear turquoise waters. Experience the magic of the Caribbean, in one of the most culturally rich countries in Latin America. The dance, the music, all types of art that you will find during your visit to the island.

Want to travel to the past? Remember the days of the colony with the architecture preserved in Old Havana, also known as Old Havana. Cars, architecture, and landscapes that will make you experience an era, which was better for many.

Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela

Colonial cities, the Caribbean, the Andes, the Amazons. The three countries that made up the former Republic of La Grande Colombia, are the point of entry into South America. With its great natural and cultural wealth, we are sure that you will be delighted to discover this part of South America.

Bogota, Cartagena de Indias, and the land of coffee. A trip to places that combine the past and the present. In cities of the Caribbean and metropolises of the Andes. Mountains bathed in coffee. You don’t need to know how to speak English to visit the land of magical realism.

Don’t miss the place where Charles Darwin carried out much of his studies on the evolution of species. Discover the giant tortoises on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

Peru and Bolivia

The Andes are the witnesses of the largest pre-Columbian civilization in South America. Ranging from a huge salar, a sacred lake called Titicaca to the most famous ruined city on the mainland. Discover Machu Picchu. In these South American countries, the heritage of the Incas will surprise you, places that should, without a doubt, be on your list of places to travel without knowing how to speak English.

Chile and Argentina

The Atlantic and the Pacific. Deserts, valleys, and mountains. Easter Island and Patagonia. Wines and maté. Let yourself be carried away by this last corner of the South American continent. Spectacular places with extreme landscapes. Are you going to miss this?

Do you need to know how to speak English?

Now you know that you have a whole continent where you can travel without knowing how to speak English. But, is it really a barrier not to know how to speak English? We fully understand that you want to travel in peace and that you are afraid of confronting situations where you cannot communicate. However, you can be sure that in many places you will be traveling, you will be able to communicate in body language. Have confidence in yourself and it is very important not to forget Spanish. This language is one of the most widely spoken in the world and you may be able to make yourself understood in a country where it is not the official language. Travel to countries where the languages ​​come from Latin, although the language changes a lot, it will be easier to communicate. Travel to Portugal, France, Italy. Do not be afraid, live the adventure of discovering new cultures. The language will not be a barrier.

Some tips

When you are traveling to countries where the official language is not Spanish and you cannot speak English, it would be best to follow some of these tips:

Use technology. Nowadays, it is very easy to access technological aids. Use your mobile phone, have an application with you that allows you to translate. Learn how to use it before you travel, to make it easier on your trip.

Non-verbal communication. Practice your gestures and body communication. Learn the inappropriate gestures of the place you are visiting, so you don’t get into trouble.

Simplify it. Try to convey the message in the simplest way possible. Don’t complicate.

Do not scream. Sometimes when we try to make ourselves understood, we raise the tone of our voice. It doesn’t help at all. Relax and try to be as natural as possible.

Do you dare to travel to a place where the language is different without knowing how to speak English? Do not be afraid. And if you want to be more peaceful, you now know the places to travel without knowing how to speak English.