Discover the history of Jordan | Past, Present and Future

 Discover the history of Jordan |  Past, Present and Future

Jordan is a tourist place for those who love to travel and discover new worlds. You will discover great curiosities and mysteries, such as the lost city of petra, which will make you discover the architecture and history of this place, which was for years a secret and one of the greatest wonders of humanity. Float on the incredible Dead Sea, where you will be on the lowest point of the earth’s surface. In addition to living unique moments in the middle of the desert, spending the night in Wadi Rum. If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure full of charming places, what you will read below will help you find that halo that surrounds this tourist destination that you will certainly love. This is the story of Jordan.

Jordan’s history

As soon as you arrive in Jordan, you will discover a population marked by a rich history. Just knowing that this is one of the origins of civilization is creepy. Understand therefore that a great diversity of peoples, cultures, empires, and nations have crossed these lands and left their mark. Jordan’s rich historical past is one of the greatest treasures of the present. A truly valuable resource that portends a bright future.

From the cradle of civilization to the Bronze Age

Jordan’s history makes it one of the most important places in the world for archaeologists. In this region, the first colonies of men settled there, where they ceased to be nomads, in order to build society. These colonies were established between the year 10,000 and 8,500 BC.

After several centuries of settlements and the growth of a region like no other, an element of history appears which will help to significantly improve the life of civilizations. Copper mines are starting to appear in the region and the routes to exchange said items are starting to be created. During your visit to the King’s road, you will be able to discover the paths, used not only by royalty, but also for the trade that linked the state cities that were formed and, this is what we now call Jordan.

As you can see, trading has gone down in history, so many people wanted to create better quality coins to exchange for other valuable items. In this research and this experiment, we obtain an alloy of copper with tin, giving birth to bronze.

The golden years in the history of Jordan

At one point in history is developing what would be Jordan’s most important period to the present day. Over a period of over 600 years, between 330 BC. JC and 330 AD. JC, the Greeks, the Nabataeans, and the Romans were responsible for giving importance to this region. They are the ones who dominated these lands during these years. They have left an imprint in history that we can appreciate today. Petra and Gerasa. Cities that tell a rich, unique, and impressive history. So much so that it is inconceivable, for example, not to visit Petra, the wonder of the world on your trip to Jordan and the Middle East.

Islam and Christianity

After these golden years in the history of Jordan, comes a period of wars. Religions are part of the history of this sacred land. The influence of the Romans imposed Christianity, eliminating traces of Nabatean deities for the people. For centuries Christianity was an important part of Jordanian history until the spread of Islam. After the 7th century, Islam pest in great expansion and leaves its mark in the deserts, spectacular structures located in the east of the country.

There are still constant struggles between Islamic and Christian armies, for control of the Holy Land. The crusades triggered these first confrontations. In addition to a violent history, we have yet to see incredible crusader castles that bear witness to the historical importance of war in this region.

The discovery of Petra

Although it would be better to say the rediscovery of Petra. Discovered by Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig in 1812. This increased the historical importance of Jordan and, explorations in the Near East began. The translation of texts into Persian, Arabic and Sanskrit taught us a lot about the history of Jordan, which leads us to be even more impressed today, by what this land has lived through and its importance for it. universal history.

Arab revolt

Your travel to Jordan will connect you to many other historical sites. So when you visit the Wadi Rum desert connect with that part of the history that gave birth to the country we know today as Jordan. In this part of history, the tribes of the region united, not to fight against Christians or the West, but to remove the Ottomans from the region, with the aim of creating a unified Arab state.

Traveling here will immediately connect you to its history. A story to discover and which will certainly surprise you. The importance of archaeological sites, ruins that say a lot about the history of civilization, will be easier to understand. Don’t wait any longer!