What are the largest deserts in South America?

What are the largest deserts in South America?

South America is a country rich in contrasts. Where nature has done magic to create the most beautiful landscapes. From the Caribbean to Tierra del Fuego, from the Pacific to the Atlantic. A continent full of contrasts. A mountain range that crosses it from south to north. The largest tropical forest in the world, the Amazon as the lung of the Earth.

In an endless list of natural resources, unique ecosystems appear in the world. Places that are worth knowing, visiting and being appreciated. Beaches, jungles, valleys, plains, deserts, and snow-capped peaks. You can find everything in South America. A very different place from a small part that we want to show you today. What are the biggest deserts in South America? You will love to discover these exotic places in the world.

From north to south, the largest deserts in South America

Desert of Eastern Patagonia – Argentina

The largest desert in Argentina and the seventh-largest in the world. A place of ancient peoples and native tribes. A place inhabited by dinosaurs over 70 million years ago. Contrary to what you may think, it is cold there. In the desert of Eastern Patagonia, temperatures rarely exceed 12 degrees Celsius. Flora and fauna are only visible here. A place of unique geography, with the imposing Andes on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. During your trip to Patagonia Argentina, you will love this desert, one of the largest deserts in South America.

Dunes of Cabo Polonio – Uruguay

With dunes over 30 meters high, this desert has become a place to visit in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay. While not as big as the other desserts on this list, it is the largest in Uruguay. One way to understand the magnificence of South America is to find this type of ecosystem all over the continent. The desert stretches along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Atacama Desert – Chile

It is perhaps the most famous desert on the list. Do you remember the miracle of the miners in Chile? A story that was immortalized in the film “The 33”. This desert in northern Chile is the driest place on the planet. The Atacama Desert is on the other side of Eastern Patagonia. You will see that it is surrounded by the Andes in its eastern part and by the Pacific Ocean in the west. The Atacama Desert is known as the driest non-polar place in the world. Several years without rain could pass, in one of the largest deserts in South America.

Siloli Desert – Bolivia

Although it can be considered part of the Atacama Desert in Chile, it is another of the great deserts on the continent. Located in the department of Potosí, this region is very arid. As with the Chilean desert, years could go by without rain here. A desert with great biodiversity, many reptiles, and small mammals live there.

Lençois Maranhenses – Brazil

This magnificent natural park located in the state of Maranhão is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. The gigantic desert filled with small freshwater lagoons that form between the dunes, due to the rains from June to September.

Ica Desert (Coastal Desert of Peru) – Peru

The coastal desert of Peru is one of the largest deserts in South America. Very well known for carrying out the world rally there. It is a set of deserts that stretch along the country’s Pacific coast. The ICA Desert is one of the most beautiful of this desert barrier. During your trip to Peru don’t forget to visit Ica and Huacachina, a beautiful oasis that has become a must-see tourist destination. The richness of the country’s ecosystems has attracted all types of travelers to one of the most visited places on the continent.

La Tatacoa Desert – Colombia

It is one of the two deserts in the country. In Colombia, the Andes cordillera is divided into 3. The desert of La Tatacoa, in the department of Huila, lies in a large valley that forms between the central and eastern cordilleras. It is one of the driest regions of the country and has rare fauna. in its panorama, we can see many species of plants. The desert of La Tatacoa characterized by red rock formations. One of the important things to know about this dessert is that it is a spectacular place to observe the stars. An astronomical observatory which has become one of the important places for this activity in the country.

Medanos de Coro – Venezuela

The largest desert on the Caribbean coast in Venezuela. Which makes it one of the largest deserts in South America. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. Being a very arid place, life is scarce.

La Guajira Desert – Colombia

La Guajira is the largest desert in Colombia. Located in the far north of South America. It’s the end of the beginning of the continent, on the Colombian Caribbean coast. it is inhabited by the indigenous Wayúu, one of the important indigenous ethnic groups in Colombia. The region has significant coal reserves, making it the largest open-cast coal mine in the world. Cabo de la Vela is one of the most visited places in the country. During your trip to Colombia to Punta Gallinas. The northernmost point of the continent.